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Prevent the Flu and Colds with Massage

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Many people think massage is a luxury reserved for wealthy people with lots of leisure time. I would argue that busy moms and dads with small children need to make massage part of their monthly routine and household budget – especially during flu and cold season.

When children are bringing home who knows what germs from school and stress levels are high is just when you need an immune booster. What’s the best breeding ground for illness? Stress. What are the signs of stress? Shallow breathing, tight muscles, lack of sleep, digestive problems, headaches…sound familiar?

How does massage help?

  • Slows and deepens breathing,
  • relaxes muscles,
  • improves ability to get to sleep and stay asleep,
  • moves lymph (critical to immune function),
  • stimulates digestion,
  • relieves headaches…

If you can’t afford to miss work, you can’t afford to neglect your health. Massage can be a key component of your overall health and wellness.

For more information about massage and immune function:







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