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Arm and Wrist Pain and Numbness – Carpal Tunnel?

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Because of the nature of our society and working environments today, more and more people are suffering with wrist and arm pain and numbness. Often, this is diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a compression of the median nerve which passes through a structure in the wrist called the carpal tunnel. There are however, other causes which could result in the same or very similar symptoms.

If you suffer from these symptoms or have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome, try a short course of massage therapy before you pursue more invasive therapies. Nerve compression could be happening in a different nerve, farther up your arm and even into your shoulder which then manifests as arm and hand pain and tingling or numbness. With just 3-30 minute sessions with a massage therapist trained in injury work, you might start to feel relief and save yourself from having a surgery that is often not successful in relieving the symptoms. It’s worth a try!


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